It’s been while since I’ve written a personal blog. So, I think it’s time for a little catch up on what’s been happening, what’s new and everything else in between. Brace yourself, because it’s been a rollercoaser ride… well, more of a downhill slope. I was on the verge of losing everything but, like the movies, this has a happy ending… and it’s about time.

The past few weeks has been a constant struggle. I’ve been slowly running out of money, and I was job hunting for the longest time. I applied everywhere. Ideally I wanted a job that I could do from home, as I don’t have much of a way to get around, expect my two feet. There are buses, but with the lack of funds available I wasn’t in much of a position to pay of everyday transport. And, of course, all the call backs I recieved required transport. I get approved to two online teaching gigs, which were a whole process in itself. But, never followed through, because… I finally ended up getting a call back from a restaurant that was within walking distance and scheduled an interview. Now here is what happened… Carina moments at their finest. 

The guy who called me on the phone told me to meet with him the next day, he sent me the address via WhatsApp. So, there I was the next day walking to meet with him and I get to the address he gave him and I see a restaurant. Keep in mind he never gave me the name of the restaurant. So, I walked into this restaurant, expecting an interview. And, nope! They weren’t even expecting me… Hahaha. I tell them I’m here for the job, and they began speaking and I immediately realized they are NOT the people that called me. Speaking Portuguese with a French accent, the guy that called me was 100% hardcore Portuguese. Clearly in the wrong place, thinking I was in the right one… definitely not the case. Epic Carina moment, for only I would land in a completely different place than was intended. 

Either way, I went with it. Played it off, as though, I was totally meant to be there. I have much experience with set moments, so it went well. They asked me to leave my resume, and so I did. I left, continued looking around in hopes to find the place. And there were no other restaurants, just a golf course, one which couldn’t be accessed from the street I was on. So, I just went home. Thinking damn, I totally messed up, lost out on interview, and the chances of the restaurant I walked into calling me back are slim as they didn’t have any postings for job openings. But, I ended up getting a call from the restaurant to come in the next day. BOOM! 

I landed the job. And, not just any job, a job with some amazing people. The people are great. My bosses are GREAT!!! I mean my boss offered my a bike for goodness sakes, and I’ve only been there for what?! Five days. It is like a family, and it’s nice. It feels good to be surrounded by amazing people. Another fun thing about the job is it’s a French restaurant, hence why the bosses speak French-Portuguese. So, I’m learning French too… well bringing it back. I actually was in French immersion for four years in elementary school, but of course I forgot most of it. But now, that I’m hearing it, it’s slowly coming back. So dope!! So my epic Carina moment turned out to be a great moment. Life changing actually, especially with what happens next.

My place orginally on MLS but I had no good offers. So I switched it over to AirBnB, which worked out for the months of November and December. Granted that with the holidays and everything, no one is looking on moving into a place. But, AirBnB gave me a few issues. Why?! Well, I have a penthouse suite in downtown Toronto, over looking the city… so, it definitely attracts those looking to party. 

And that created a lot of problems between me and my mom, to the point we weren’t talking. Here is the thing, my family all lives on the same floor, my brother and mother are my neighbours, we each have our own units. And we are the only ones on the floor, so it’s like a home each with our individual spaces. So, you could imagine the backlash I faced when renters from AirBnB got out of hand, not that I don’t party when I’m there, but it’s different. And to be honest, I didn’t feel comfortable with people going all crazy in my place, and the wear and tear of AirBnB didn’t sit right with me, but I had to choice. I needed to AirBnB for the time being, so that I could pay the mortgage and maintenance fees.

Then January happened, and well… it was a disaster. The renters were drunk and just out of control, they ended knocking on my mom’s door, falling over in the walkway. It was a mess. And again created another argument between me and my mom. At that point, I had to take it off AirBnB, it was just too stress. Listed it on MLS, fingers crossed, praying and hoping a find a tenant before the end of February. Or else, I was at risk of foreclosure. For January’s AirBnB was only one night, it was peanuts and I couldn’t pay off the mortgage nor maintenances. I was so stressed and worried, I couldn’t even sleep at night. And then, miracle happened… I mean a MIRACLE!

So, I needed a tenant before the end of February, but preferably before the 18th. Ended up getting an offer for two years in the amount I was asking with move in date on the 15th… CRAZY, right?! I freaking cried… I was literally at the point of losing everything and it all worked out… all turned around. Everyday I told myself, ‘I’m going to get great news today’, ‘it’s going to turn around’, kind of sounded like a crazy person, because I had no idea how any of it would work itself out… but it did. Within four days I got a job, an incredible offer on my place and a free bike. THIS IS MANIFESTATION AT IT’S FINEST!!!

A part of me, strongly believes that if I never got the job, this would have never happened. It was as though, the universe was waiting for me to get my own shit together, before resolving my biggest problem… my place.

So, it all fucking worked out… And I’m relieved as fuck! And, I’m not going to lie, I was hesitant on the two year request, but I granted it regardless… I mean why not?! I’m living by the beach in plus 10 weather in the middle of February with my problems solved… so again, why not?!

On another note, some more exciting news, I finished my book, Black & White Answers. It consists of 200 hundred poems plus 1 bonus one, about on how to find and love yourself amidst of heartache. It should be published very soon. Just waiting on the final  feedback and editing to be complete. From there it is a matter of final touches and DONE!!! I was hoping to have a published already, but you can’t rush things like this. It will be done, all it due time…

Because in the end, it really does all work out… And, all of this is proof of that. I’m proof of that, things always fall into place. It’s a journey, but just stay strong and keep moving and it will eventually… miracles happen!!

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