Why did you come back,
To only walk out again?

Was it to break my heart a second time?
Secure the nails,
Ensure their position,
That they stay as is.

For you already left me feeling unworthy,
And unloved once before.
Why do it again?

For didn’t you,
Already do enough damage,
Cause enough pain?!

Why did you feel the need to do it twice?
Was once not enough?
What was your intention?
What was the point?

I came back,
Because I could.
It’s simple,
Your walls were down,
And you were opened.

As for breaking your heart,
What did you expect?!
Hadn’t the past taught you anything?!
Or did you really think,
Think it was going to be different?!

As for damage and pain caused,
It wasn’t anything,
You weren’t willing to accept.
So to do it a second time,
Let’s just say,
I just wanted to see if you learned,
Wanted to test my pull.

With regards to the intention,
It was to reiterate my power over you,
Illustrate your willingness,
To hand over control,
That is,
To me.

And the point,
Because I can.

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