I’m waiting,
Been waiting,
For the day,
The day you give me your approval,
The day you tell me,
Tell me,
I made you proud.

The day you can speak of me,
With nothing but smiles.
I wait for that day,
You say ‘I’m proud of you’.
I won’t hold my breath though,
As I don’t know,
When that day will come,
But I do know,
It is coming.

So until that day,
I ask,
Why is it,
That is,
That you aren’t proud of me?


I just never knew,
You wanted to be praised,
Required a billboard,
A poster.
Didn’t know,
You wanted a parade.
Didn’t think it was necessary.

For I thought,
You were stronger,
I figured you would have known,
And not needed it voiced,
Shouted from the mountain top.

To that I ask,
What does my approval offer you?
What does it change?
For would you not continue living as you do,
Doing as you do?!

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