I’m filled with so much rage,
So much anger I get lost in it all,
Not knowing how to control it,
Or where it even stems from.

For I just go black,
Stuck in self-defensive,
Losing all reason,
All rationality,
And logic,
Without any desire,
Or thought,
Zero comprehension.

I no longer want to see black ,
No longer want to feed into this chaos,
That consumes me.
For I hurt so many around me,
With what I do,
What I say.

How do I stop this from happening?
Where is the off switch?

You are living in the past,
Formulating your reactions,
Not on what is happening,
But rather,
What has.

The only thing to do is,
To sever,
That is,
The link which you created,
Between past and present.

For then,
And only then,
Will you be free from the chaos,
That rules your mind.

As for the off switch,
It is a matter of starting the launch sequence,
To that stated above.

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