So on Sundays, we get wild… or I should say when Benfica wins things get wild… haha. Keep in mind I’m a Portoista, not Benficista… but I mean whatever the wind blows… I’ll go with it… afterall, it is about having fun and enjoying life. So yesterday… I had a long day at work… and I mean a longggggggg day, it took forever to pass and I wasn’t the only one feeling it, we all were. But aside from that, it was an interesting work day, as I had a couple ask me for hash… I don’t know why they would think to ask me and no one else… must be my Canadian vibe I give off… or the fact that I’m approachable and super chill… high vibrations always. Regardless of why, me being me… I know people… I hooked them up with a friend of mine, to which later we had a night out… not with the couple, but my Portuguese bestie.

He is hilarious. Definitely me in a male version… most definitely disastrous when intoxicated together, as we just go… no words to explain the ruckus we cause. Usually I’m the loud one, but with him I let him owe that shit and stay there in silence dying of laugther, as he fucks with the world that surrounds him. Which makes it an interesting venture… so about last night… or I should say afternoon… Benfica was playing, they won and so he was in good spirits and that meant a celebration, to which I didn’t mind as I don’t have much of a life here. Literally Netflix and chill, and no that isn’t code for cuddles and sex, it is literally Netflix and chill… or I should say Netflix and sleep haha…

So yesterday was definitely out of the norm, something which rarely happens… summer living. I got home from work, which never actually went home, only to drop off my bread… which I will explain as it is all part of the story. I got to the area, went to see him at the Irish Pub to ensure that the couple got what they wanted and what not. From there I was peer pressured into a glass of wine, and a glass turned into four, as another friend walked in offering a drink and another offering a third and my bestie closing in with the fourth, leading to him kidnapping me. In the midst of it all I knew, I needed to eat. I ran to the bakery, got fresh… out of the oven, bread… so gooooooddddd… there was still steam coming off them. Ate two or three as I knew where the afternoon would take me… and thank goodness I ate, or else I would have died.

So dropped off my bread, still in my work clothes, we ended up at a family gathering at a bar, two glasses of sangria, and then from there, ended up at the family home for a birthday celebration… dinner and drinks… singing and dancing. Super dope… regardless of the bag of hash I was holding in my purse hahaha…. fuck shit happens. And don’t get me wrong, I contemplated taking an egg… hahaha… he is my amigo… he would have given it to me anyways… but of course I didn’t, I could never. Once the family house party was done we went walked over to a coffee shop for an espresso. And during the walk, papa (besties cousin, father of the bunch) handed me an egg… I was so excited as I thought it was hash granted that some of the hash was handed out at dinner. But…. I will get to that later. Keep in mind, I’m Canadian and a weed smoker and haven’t smoked in MONTHSSSSSSSS!!!! So you could imagine how thrilled I was in this moment… but of course, it wasn’t as expected.

Anywyas, we have our espresso, and end up bouncing and hitting up another place… another bar, another drink or two… music blasting and me not being used to this kind of nights, I passed out… legit sleeping in my chair, waking up to a slap. Yup, that is right… my bestie literally slapped me to wake me up, and I mean a full on smack. To which he asked his friend to help me, so that I wouldn’t fall asleep again, and he did and we all know what that means.. and fuck it’s been a while… hahaha… shit happens.

A bump later, we end up at some next place in Vilamoura. Another drink… or two, maybe three… trying to take over the empty dance floor… we finally settled. Got picked up by two randoms… but wait… at the same time…. like WHAT?! Dude I’m in my work clothes, nothing special, one guy is already talking to me and now some next guy comes… I swear vibes were out of this world… I don’t know maybe it was the perfume I wasn’t wearing… NO IDEA… but it was hilarious… quite entertaining, I must say. Thankfully only Instagrams were exchanged and not numbers, though one was eye catching, I enjoy having the option of ignoring… sorry but that is just me… and to be honest, regardless of being a hottie, or not… I’m not in it. It could be because my heart is still… well… fuck it, let’s not… I’m just not interested… you can take me for dinner though… free food is always good, but nothing more happening from there.

After being bombarded, the night came to a close, to which I was SUPER excited given that I had an egg… an egg I thought was hash. Got dropped off at home, ready to smoke, such excitement flowing through me… got upstairs ate a papo saco (Portuguese bun), got my papers ready to go, took out the egg and as I unraveled it….. IT WAS FUCKING CHOCOLATE…. it was a chocolate fucking egg… I’ve never been so depressed to see chocolate in my life… it was a sad… sad moment. Only me… so in that moment… in my depression… I Netflixed and chilled. #LIFE

SHIT HAPPENS…. Damn… a night to remember… but not…

Ps. This is a perfect inside look at moments, that is Carina Moments… only me

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