What if,
I told you,
I missed you…
Needed you…
That you have been on my mind,
Since the day you left…
The day I left.

What if,
I told you,
I’ve tried to get over you,
Tried to forget you,
And I can’t…

What if,
I told you,
You are the only one I want,
The only one I see…

What if,
I told you I would wait…

What if,
I told I understand,
I get it,
And I’m willing to fight…
Willing to be there…
Through thick or thin.

What if,
I told you…
Told you I love you,
Without even knowing that I do,
But rather with feeling as I do…

And what if,
I told you that my soul…
My heart,
Is stuck on you…
You and only you.

Would it change anything?!
Or would it all just be the same?!

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