So my 10 month vacay is over, it was great well it lasted… haha. I joke, but I had every intention of staying for the two years. I was working, might have only been a month but I mean, I just got the job. Summer was starting and that is the money maker over time there. So, I was ready, and even planning a trip to Toronto for a couple of months in the winter before heading back. But, circumstances change, life happens, situations evolve and priorities and obligations shift. I must say that I’m thankful… grateful… for being able to even have had the opportunity to just take off with the intention to create something new. It was an incredible experience. A lot happened, and when I say that, I mean, a lot of realizations. A lot of which I kept to myself, to just allow it truly register -absorb. And part of me wishes I wrote more in regards to this series of entries. I’m glad I didn’t. Glad I focused on other writings, bigger projects… projects done slowly with patience and consistency. No other distractions, just live and write… And it felt so nice to be. Just BE! And that’s part of why I call it a vacay lol… it was just being… soaking everything in. From going out alone to meeting new people to exploring new *** It was peaceful, yet reckless while very much controlled. I met so many people, made so many friends, and as much as it hurts to leave it behind. It hurts more to leave 30 years of a life behind. And yes, I started ‘somewhat’ a life… after all I just work for a whole month and two weeks, that ought to count for something… hahaha… But in all seriousness, I just really needed the time away, I needed the space to think, regroup and just do me. And I learned so much, having a new found appreciation for my family… for my mom. And I joke and make ridiculous comments, making things a bit more entertaining. But the reality is, it was an experience that has really taught me a lot, not all may have registered just yet, but… I mean… haha. No, but really the truth is, we learn in stages, and we are all working progresses. Can’t be so serious all the time. Make life fun! Make it interesting… entertaining! The thing is I’m nothing without my family, they mean the world to me. Being away from them has definitely taken a toll, it has been hard. I mean, we work together, live on the same floor… and yes we definitely get sick of each other, but we are so used to being with one and other. We may not always get along, sometimes to the point we want to kill one and other, but in the end we are there for each other… always. No matter what. And when I left, it was at a not so good time, yet they supported me, they understood. And being that things are more disastrous now then ever. My mom is sick, she isn’t doing the greatest, my brother is alone holding everything together and ‘it’ well… he is still ruining things… it is what he does best. So now it’s my turn to be there for them, to sacrifice for them… the way they did for me when I needed it. What better time to come back on mama’s birthday! And yes, it was shitty leaving right before summer starts here, but it is the whole point… to leave before it all starts up again, because then maybe I wouldn’t want to leave… haha just joking… my time expired… and it was definitely time to come home. I missed so much. My family, daily rountine… work, never thought I say that, but I actually did miss it… my closet, my shoes… DANCE!!! OMG, how I miss dance. I have at least four routines ready to teach and be filmed. I already have dancers picked for them and everything… So many things I want to do, places I want to go. So excited for life in the city again!! And it is going to be interesting, as now I will be living with mama, as my place is still being rented. But, I don’t mind, she needs me… she can hardly walk. So, definitely my turn to take care of her, cook and clean. Partially sad, because I do miss her cooking, but I know she will cook here and there when she can. And though, I was super hesitant on going back knowing I wouldn’t have my place, I can’t complain, I’ll be helping her and saving money. Plus I have half of the unit to myself, which is basically the same square footage as my place, only thing missing is a kitchen, big deal anyways… the fact that I have a seperate room for my clothes with a sofa and TV, I mean… can’t go wrong. Because if picking out something to wear gets too stressful, I can sit down and CP24 that shit… hahaha. I do wish I did blog more, but I can’t complain… I did get a lot done, after all I did write a book on this 10 month vacation, created the skeleton for my next book, or I should say series… that’s right a series (three part to a lifestory)… AND, I got a great idea for another book, which will probably come out prior to the series… as the ‘living it’ began the moment I touched down, lasting a year of journaling. So that’s something to be proud of, something which I don’t think I could have done if I wasn’t away. So it is back to 6am mornings! Fire fighting life’s dramas, and causing nonsense when required… Whoop whoop… This is the end of the journey… this journey, but the beginning an adventure… I guess I really am I city girl after all…   PS. For a copy of my latest book… click the link below

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