Interesting how it is,
How we can understand someone,
To the deepest of worlds,
And them not understand us.

I question their intelligent,
How could someone be so blindly ignorant?!

Coming to realize,
That is,
What it is…

Uneducated ignorance,
Driving on assumption,
Rather than knowledge.

That is,
That which they know,
Without a doubt.

Quite unfortunate,
As we expected more,
Especially from those,
Illustrating a higher level,
Of intellect.

But in end,
It seems as though,
It was all a facade.

For their expressed interest,
Their knowledge,
So to say,
Was all ‘show and tell’,
Was just a means to ends.

Playing half of the game,
But not all,
Teaser to show,
Never to be aired.

Thinking as though,
They will come out on top,
Yet they always finish last,
Just short of the finish line.

Because they believe to understand,
To have knowledge,
Through assumption.

Such falsity,
In their perception,
Their explanation,
Of that which they claim,
To be true of the world.

How it is,
They come to understand,
All based on,
That which holds no validity.

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