We sit here in silence,
With so much to say,
Yet nothing it all
Don’t know to start,
To begin.

For it all
Is such chaos,
Such mystery…
Such wonder…

Desiring to be heard,
Without nothing to say…
Yet with everything to share.

It’s almost as though,
We just love the sound of our own voices,
More than that which we claim to uphold…
Other times,
We just don’t know where to start,
Where to begin,
How to express ourselves…

Some of us,
Loving to be right,
When knowing we are wrong…
Others knowing they are right,
While believing they are wrong…
Sitting in silence,
When we ought to speak up…

One could call it
The path of least resistance,
Compliance to ignorance…
Or just acceptance…

The absence of meaning,
Yet holding so much meaning.
Interpreted in so many ways,
Never truly having a definitive form…

For it is just silence.

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