We parade ourselves…
Sell ourselves…
By means of technology,
Social media

Thinking it all means something,
While it means nothing…

Parading ourselves
For likes and comments,
Views and endorsements…
Are we products or people?!

So lost in it all,
Seeking approval and fame,
But what does it all mean?!

This parade…
The highlight reel,
Constructed by the positives,
Negotiating the negatives…
Omitting reality…
So to say.

Because where there is good,
There is bad…
Ying and yang.

We accept this parade
Of dishonesty as truth…

Because life is
Pretending we stand for something,
When we stand for nothing.

For not only do we make it seem,
As though,
All is perfect,
When all isn’t.
We make is seem as though,
We are a part of something,
When in reality…
We are part of nothing.

So let’s clap our hands,
And continue the game…
The parade…
For it is all we know.

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