The Distraction

The Distraction

Perfect moment,
Harmony in full affect,
The universe on my side…
Ready for the vary thing I wasn’t looking for…
Finally forgiven myself,
For everything I fought for…

And there you were…
The detour…
The distraction…

I didn’t know it at the time,
I thought you were quite the opposite.

For you were,
But no different than the others,
Always an end goal in mind,
One that solely benefits you.

And there I was…
There was more,
Then just the surface.
Silly me.

As the signs were all there,
Just too blind to see them,
Too caught up..
Tolerating the red flags,
Accepting them.

Looking back at it,
It all makes sense…

You were my type,
The type I ought to stay away from,
Yet you were different…
But only to an extent,
Where you lacked
They soared,
Where you soared,
They lacked…

I guess you could say,
It was a step in the right direction?!
But not quite,
As you were ‘same-same’.

The only difference…

You were the test,
The one the universe used,
That is,
To see if I was ready,
Ready for the vary thing I desired most…
But only from one who is worthy.

And so…
I was the idiot that thought you were.

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