We get so caught up,
With not being a nuisance…
We neglect to stand for something…

We tolerate…

Thinking that maybe…
Maybe if you do,
Someone will see…
They will get it,
And history won’t repeat itself.

Always the heartbreaker,
Yet always the heart broken.

Your greatest strength,
And biggest weakness,
One and the same…

Because you are all in,
Or all out…

For all you give,
You expect nothing in return…
And all you take,
Is never more than what you give.

Yet feeling more,
As cut throat as you are.

Once filled with love,
Shattered into pieces,
As though it was nothing.

To only get back up,
And do it again…
And again…

Some call it strength,

Believing good intentions
Can actually lie in soul of another being…
Self-preservation was off the table…
Smiling at the thought,
That maybe…
Just maybe….

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