We had connection
One that didn’t require words,
For I understood you,
You understood me.

For I was never good with words,
Neither were you…
Especially when it came to feelings,
Yet I longed for them,
And so did you…
Yearned to hear…
That I was the only one…

And though aware of your inability,
That is,
To speak on that which touched you the most,
I understood.

But then,
Times came…
Times where we stopped being
The way we once were.

I lost that connection,
We lost that connection.
I felt it,
Just unsure if it was a figment,
A figment my imagination…
Of hope…
False hope that is…

Part of me feeling secure,
While the other part felt abandon.

For we went from ‘good mornings’,
To nothing at all.

And though I may have done wrong,
You have yet…
Yet to take the time,
Time to understand why.

The time to take yourself
Outside of our box,
Placing yourself inside another…
The way in which I have done for you…
For I have overlooked
Quite a bit,
That you have yet to know.

But again,
That is an expectation,
That you would do the same,
As I have done for you.

All I know is
Regardless of it all,
I miss you…

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