There she was,
Mind fucked,
Over a man,
Who wasn’t even a man…
For she had more balls,
Than he ever would.

For she loved,
Even after all the hurt,
She cared,
Even after all the pain.
Each time,
More damaged than the last,
But it never stopped her.
She always had hope…
Especially in those that needed it the most.
Sacrificing herself,
At thought of finding something great in another.
To only be shattered,
When finally hit with reality…

They will never be.
Not because her,
Because of him.
his inability to see that which she saw in them,
His lack of appreciation for her strength.
For he feared it,
As he has never lived it…
Never allowing himself,
To feel what means to care.

For they feared life in a different way,
He feared getting too close.
She feared not getting too enough.
Both rooted in the same cause…

She saw that,
He didn’t.
Blinded by the surface,
Refusing to go deeper.
There she was…
Still hoping,
While knowing they will never be.

For he has yet to see…
And she has yet to accept…

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