We were never anything,
But we had something.
So much back and forth,
But never admitting…

Always felt it in your soul,
And I saw it in your eyes…
But only once…
It lasted about five seconds,
Then bulldosed by our numbness.

It was right there,
You had it,
You were holding it,
Feeling it,
But the moment you realized…
Shut down.

Being on that receiving end…
Led to believe a breakthrough
Was upon us,
To only be faced
With complete system failure.

Such a pity of man,
Incapable of claiming responsibility,
So ignorant to blame emotion…
Rather than acknowledge
His lack of integrity…
Or respect for that matter.

Friends don’t misled…
Mr. ‘you’re everything I want in a women’…
They don’t cuddle,
And most importantly,
They aren’t intimate.

Let’s blame emotion though…
Rather than your lack of respect…
The dishonesty…
Or the inauthentic nature
Of your intentions…

What a game you played…
Ignorant beyond belief.


Your level of intelligence
Is beyond comprehension.
I can’t fathom
Levelling myself
To the degree
Of such narrow-mindedness
Becoming childishly narcissistic.

Sorry no,
Not accepting applications
With that criteria.

Take your vibe elsewhere…

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