We are known as the Y Gen,
They call us the global generation,
For we are everywhere at all times,
Posting and watching,
Seeking and gathering,
For that is all there is,
Soulless interaction.

We are known for our sense of entitlement,
Our narcissism,
Information at our fingerprints,
Posting everything,
From what we wear to what we eat,
What we do to where we sleep.
All so different,
Yet all the same,
And our one defining characteristic,
Universal throughout
Is our indifference to suffering,
To love…
To emotion.

For we have become filled with numbness,
No true feeling,
Nor emotion,
Just emptiness,
Without attachment,
To the living,
Only to technology,
To that which doesn’t speak.

As we sit there,
With the screen in front of us,
Almost too afraid for human interaction,
Real life interaction,
For it’s become about engagement,
And views.

Our thoughts more interested in witty captions,
In search for approval,
Our souls dedicated to popularity,
In hopes for acceptance,
Actings as though,
Life is perfect,
For we are all worthy of an award,
Putting on such Oscar winning performances.

We have lost our compassion,
Our empathy,
Neglecting what it means to be real,
To be genuine,
To be authentic.
For it is all a show,
An act,
In anticipation for more followers.

And rather than taking the time,
To listen,
Making the time,
To understand,
Giving the time,
Those around us,
Those that care,
We watch,
Like and comment.
Refusing to actually know someone,
And soul.

For we just might feel,
It might distract us,
From our narcissistic ways,
So we resort to senseless engagement,
Through the eyes of a screen.

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