It’s not so much my heart,
More my mind
That keeps dwindling,
It’s way back to you…
And not so much
To us,
But more just you.

For I know you’re all wrong
For me,
Yet there is just something…
Unfinished about the whole situation.

Lessons unlearnt,

It is the fact
I never had you as mine,
Never had you fall…

Or maybe,
It’s because,
I gave myself too soon,
Believing in it…

It was the lack of transparency,
The fear of dishonesty,
That it all was a game.

Or maybe…
It was due to
Thinking you had
A bigger role to play.

Who knows?!
It’s a
Kind of situation.
One with many questions
That will only be answered
With time…
Revealed as it all unravels.

Because just maybe,
It was the fact
I never said
What I had to say.

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