There is a reason why
We are happiest
Around certain people.
A reason why we bloom…
Why we shine so bright
Like rays of sunlight,
When others aren’t there.
A reason why we are inclined
To say ‘yes’ rather than ‘no’,
And ‘no’ rather than ‘yes’.

A reason why we separate ourselves
From some,
While holding on to others.
For some bring out the ugly,
The pain and hurt…
Destroying us from the inside out.
While others bring out the life,
The love and support…
Building us from the outside in.

Some will never come to understand
Their impact,
Their affect…
On our souls,
Others will.
And those that do,
Will make you
Or destroy you.

So there is a reason…
A reason why
Our soul shines
Brighter than the moon
Under a dark starry night.
A reason why
Our smile disappears
And the laughter fades
As silence overcomes us.

For some you are a punching bag,
For others you are a gift…

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