There you were
So quick to revert…
Rebuilding walls
At the slightest distaste
While ignorant to the trigger,
The reaction…
Response to,
Playing games
Right off the bat.

You were a good actor,
And I fell for it..
Believing you to be
You made it easy.
It flowed,
Until it didn’t…
Until the ‘good morning’s stopped,
Then no messages,
Then deleting
Became a thing…
All for my attention?!
As you once admitted.

So excuse me,
If I didn’t kiss
Your feet
At the sight of you…
Walked passed you.
Not that girl
That is going to chase you.

You laid the precedence,
My bad for following…

How easily we fail to realize
The root cause
Especially for that which
We are accountable for…
Pointing fingers,
Rather than taking responsibility.

I admitted my wrong,
Took accountability,
Regardless if it was
In fact a consequence
Of your behaviour.

Two wrongs don’t make
A right…
They do however
Create a cocktail for vengeance…
Such an ugly trade.
One which doesn’t suit you,
Especially when unjustified.

And so it continued…
You pulled away,
Always there…
More games.

And after all
The back and forth…
Followed by
The inquires of my status,
And your sudden ability
To spark an ‘us’ conversation…

At some point…
I had ask…
‘What’s the deal?’

Wasn’t looking
For a proposal,
Nor a commitment,
Just reassurance.

Left stunted by the response,
Even more so
By your ignorance.
Thought you were wiser…

The cause and effect of fuckery
Is a two way street,
Accountability being the only way out.
A step…
I took.
But one you have yet to acknowledge…
Blaming for the failed
Growth of something more.
When your inconsistency
Along with the fuckery,
Laid the framework,
Created the turmoil…
Pulling the trigger
To the series
Of unfortunate events.

And though,
I could have easily
Put you in your place…
I didn’t bother…
I kept quiet…
Didn’t say a word,
Even when it was happening.

So much
I could have said,
But why?!
Your ignorance is twofold,
Your pettiness is twice over…
Such falsely misplaced hope…
Misguided judgment.

For the cold winters
That overcome your soul…
The ones,
I once thought told
A deeper story,
Are really just…
Seasons of immaturity.

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