For all to see,
Through a filter,
Of beauty.

That’s life.

Dressed up in everything nice,
Concealing the pain,
The hurt,
Disguising it,
As happiness.

As though,
It is truth,
Yet it is everything but.

The truth in it all is,
It is chaos,
Dressed in nothing but pearls,
A pretty sight to see.

Something much easier to accept.

Hiding that which is,
For it is easy,
Easier to accept beauty,
Than it is to accept,
The ugliness of humanity.

Life is ugly,
It is the world we live in,
For us to love,
To hold and admire,
We must conceal the pain,
And illustrate it as beauty.

A illustration of our resistant against reality,
Distracting the mind,
Against that which it feels,
That which it thinks,
That which is life.

We dress it up,
For it is our ugliest,
Made beautiful through such falsity.

Accepting chaos disguised as diamonds,
As pearls,
Is far less challenging,
To accept that which is.


And pearls,
Everything nice…

Such a beautiful distraction.

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