Always the one that never fit in,
The one that was different
In many ways more than one.

I could never find my way,
Always messing up
Throughout it all,
Yet always making it through.

Never blaming soul..
But myself,
It’s what causes so much heartache
So much pain…
It is,
What fuels the doubt
The fear in my soul,
While embracing the smile on my face…

Hiding while exposing.

Treated as though
I know nothing,
As though
I’m less than
Yet expected more from…

How it is
One can cut your legs
And expect you to walk,
To then get upset that you don’t crawl.

The misfit…
The one that stays true
To who they are,
Not conforming to the norm,
To what they ought to be…

Upholding their truth,
And only their truth…
Disregarding that of standards.

Unique in all that is them,
Embracing all that sets them apart.

For though there are a few,
There are…
And with that they will find
Their way…

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