So this happened… And I got to say it was a moment, a feel good moment.

There I was home on a Friday night, as per usual. Netflix and logic puzzles with a side hustle as a virtual restaurant owner. Super cool, I know lol. I throw a little knitting sometimes too, just to spice it up. I know I’m super cool… my flex is off the charts.

Anywho… I happen to leave my room to grab a juice in the kitchen and my brother was over and him and my mom were chatting. A supportive chat. It has always just been the three of us, and it hasn’t always been easy with the antics of my father. And to be honest, me and my brother never really got along, but once all the hormonal nonsense of the teenage years passed… and you see the love and support, relationships build.

Again back to the story… getting my juice and of course I chimed in… see what’s going on.

And I must say I enjoyed the moment, we sat there for a good thirty minutes. Just talking… talking and it not in reference to be a tactical defense against my father.

It’s been hard real hard with all that goes on, all that’s been going on the past years… the separation has drained us all in many ways. There being a whole lot of built up frustration, anger and hurt. So many emotions and mental turmoil throughout the past years and just adjusting to it all.. tempers flare… misunderstandings unfold but we catch them, always have. Takes time but we do.

And so I cherish these moments… the moments of a usual Friday night routine being interrupted by a family chat… one that has nothing to do with war and everything to do with support…

Those are great chats!

Cherish them…

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