How is it suppose to be
When you find someone special?

Because always seeing
The good in people,
Can be deceiving.
Always offering the benefit of the doubt,
Can be misguiding.
And always looking for light in it all,
Can be misleading.

Where one begins to distrust
Their own judgment…
Seeking validation
Just to be certain,
That it all won’t happen again…
That it will be different
Then the past.

For the heart
Can no longer be trusted,
After all the hurt…

The willingness to risk it all again
Is all to real of a vulnerability…
Yet without it,
We never know…
Without it,
There is no shot at the reward.

And so…
We shut your eyes,
Open our minds
And close our hearts.

How is it all suppose to be,
When we meet that special soul?!

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