Whether it be letting go of a relationship or a job… or even a dream, there is always doubt… uncertainty. Wondering to yourself, what you should do… is it just a rough patch, something that requires time to mend itself… or is it indication that time has expired?! Questions just rushing in without any guideline as to how we ought to arrive at the answers. Most importantly, how we ought to base our decision… feel confident in our decision even if it hurts us.

Because majority of the time, when faced in this predicament we aren’t happy, and so it is not only a struggle for relief but one for peace. And again, that takes time.

As confidence doesn’t necessitate happiness, the consequence of it does; and to get there, it is a process. A process with a lot of ups and downs. As we can very well be confident in making decisions and still be hurt by them.

So the question is how do we know… How do we know when time has expired?

Now I can list you a whole bunch of indicators, such as progress, change, growth, communication, respect… the list goes on. But, that wouldn’t do anything for you, because you know that… we all know that. Common sense right?! Yet, none of us ever put it to use in the moments we require it most. Why?! Because we are too caught up in emotion… we use feelings to justify our lack of common sense, cloud our judgment and distort our thoughts.

It’s mind blowing really. Because, we have the answers… we know the answers. We know when to let go, hence why the thought was brought about it the first place.

Question is how did you react to it?! Did it you assert or resist? How did the thought even come about? Was it a reaction to or consequence of?

These are the questions that need answering. They require getting real with the situation, putting it into perspective, allowing for the emotions to situate themselves where they may. No arguments for either side, just factual self awareness. From there, it is surrendering to common sense.

And the minute you begin to justify our resistance is the minute you have to let go. Because at that point you are compromising our truth, while prioritizing that of another… and where is the self-love in that?!

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