The feeling of entitlement
In today’s world 
Is all too overwhelming.

We want the vary things,
That we are unwilling to work for…
Unwilling give…
Thinking we hold some sort
Of chalice
Making us undoubtedly worthy
Of it all.

As though,
The universe must thank us
For our presence,
Embracing and bestowing gifts,
Without even the slightest raise
Of a finger.

For we no longer
Feel the need to prove our merit,
As our greatness should be known…
Understood and held in the highest,
As we are entitled to it all…
Simply because we believe so.

Hashtagging self love,
But it isn’t.
It’s narcissism…
An injustice…
A disservice
To our soul.

Thinking you’re are worthy of all else.

Becoming ignorant
To our place in it all.
The entitlement of the whole,
The worthiness of the unit…

We are just a small piece to a big puzzle…
A piece which must play its role,
Rather than presuming it will be played for them.

For only that which we give
Is what we are entitled too…
Nothing more
And nothing less.

To think otherwise,
Would be foolish.

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