Such a bittersweet construct…
Communication that is,
Or should I say expression.

The way in which we articulate…
Using both the physical and vocal
To express the thoughts
In our minds…
The ideas…
The emotions on our soul.

Our bodies attuned to the mental,
So closely linked,
We are unaware of the their connection…
Unaware of their harmony.
Neglecting to see
How much truth lies
In the silence of action.
Failing to realize
It is the most
Raw form of expression,
Revealing more about
Ourselves than all else.

And so,
We solely focus on
Or lack of…
Opening ourselves up
To both the good and bad,
To that which can be used
For growth…
Progress and benefit,
Or for retrogression,
Harm and deception.

The ying and yang is
In our hands,
Controlled by us.
So many of us fail to realize.

Placing merit on that which
Holds none at all…
At least not without integrity.
Placing value on that which
Is empty…
And all too multi-dimensional.

Ambiguous in meaning.
As it is,
Susceptible to interpretation,
Relative to perceptive,
Contingent on expression.

And there lies our power…

Such a powerful tool,
Yet so recklessly used…
So recklessly understood,
In the moments
We require understanding the most.
So recklessly interpreted,
In the instances
That don’t require interpretation.
So recklessly perceived,
In circumstances
That don’t necessitate perception.

So powerful,
Yet limited.
Constrained yet free
By one and the same…
Our mind.

For language is
A construct created by us,
For us…
A tool created with the
Intention of being advantageous
For survival.
But as time went on,
We have often come use it for defeat.
No only toward others,
But ourselves.

For if we were to choose wisely,
Monitoring our vocabulary,
The words,
Along with the intended meaning,
Utilizing them with purpose…
As an asset,
Advantageous to our growth…
As that is,
What it was intended for.

Because if used masterfully,
It could conquer.
There would no longer be limitations…
Understanding would flow naturally…
Without ambiguity.

We would be stoppable.

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