There is a longing amidst turmoil…
As it is
The only road to peace…

But in the moments of turmoil,
In the moments
Where we need to express the most.
The words in which we use…
The ones we choose…
The approach taken…
More often than not,
Aren’t remotely close
To that we are aiming to convey…
The entirely of it all
Getting lost.

The intended message
Alongside the emotions,
Widening the gap for
Interpretations and perceptions…
Fuelling misunderstanding
The exact opposite of
What you wanted…

Desperately desiring
For others to understand,
But never will.

Few will try,
While most won’t,
As they too
Are in the same battle.

It is the ones you care for most,
The ones you have known the longest,
The ones you have fought
Alongside through numerous wars…
The ones that have seen you
At your worst,
That impact you the most.

Because all is fair in love and war…

Knowing your triggers…
Using them to their advantage
In times of turmoil.
Refusing to respect your growth
By challenging it…
Pushing buttons
Upon buttons…

And so,
The frustration of it all
Only worsens.
Turmoil building,
The lava bubbling,
Awaiting an explosion.

Well aware of what is it come,
You wait patiently,
As you do your best to control…
Stop the eruption.
A part of you knows
It needs to occur,
Because only once the dust settles,
Will there be space for understanding.
But never completely,
Only partially.

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