We no longer know
Who we are.
Wearing masks
As we conceal our souls,
Playing a person
In the name of self-preservation.

Defined by materialism,
Social status…

Superficialism at its peak,
Everything at surface level,
Nothing deeper.

We’ve lost character,
And embrace
The appearance of…
The illusion of…

We no longer own who we are,
No longer define who we are.
Rather we fit ourselves into
The image that has been
By the standards of society.

Conforming to the norm,
Too afraid to stand alone,
Apart from the rest.
As it may be too out of the box,
Too different to be accepted…

Our souls lost…
An endless battles
Craving to seen,
Wanting individuality,
Yet it is no where in sight,
As we deny distinction…

Desperately desiring to be noticed,
As we stand with the herd…

Necessarily predefined.

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