So easy to fall prey
To love…
Easy to give way
To our hearts
Over our minds…
Give weight to our emotions
Over our rationality.

Always looking for signs,
Failing to realize…
We need to look for that
Which isn’t been shown…
That which isn’t seen,
Rather than that which is.

For we are
Protective by nature,
Self-preserving by instinct.

All that which we hold dear,
In hopes to protect it,
Preserve it…
Keep it from tarnishing.

Or better yet,
Keeping it in the closet
With all the other skeletons.

For those are
The vary things
That matter most,
That which goes unseen,
Yet are very much present.

Appearing only for those willing…
Those ready.

Our hidden gems,
The ones that reveal
The entirety of our soul
In a glimpse…
Telling us more
Than words could ever possibly.

They are the unknown…
Awaiting discovery…
The keystones to our entirety.

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