You have me, 
My heart and soul.

As scary as it is…
The fear.

I can’t help
But want to
Take the chance…
Especially with you.

It’s all so organic,
Effortlessly flowing.

Only adding more fear,
For how could it
All be so perfect?!

If something will happen…
Will ruin it all…
For it always does.
Scared on so many levels.

The fear
But the thought of you
Overrides it all.

I can’t help
The joy that overcomes me
At the thought of you,
The smile on my face
When I see your name…
See your face…
Those eyes…
That smile.

Everything about you…
Your soul.
Your soul,
So beautiful in
So many ways.

The happiness I feel
In my heart…
In my soul,
Leaves me lost
For words…


I almost lost hope.

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