My heart pours out
With everything to give,
Yet nothing at all.

From the fight.
My patience wearing thin,
My awareness in heightened…
Reality hits.

Breaking down my walls…
As you build your own.
Pushing passed insecurities,
As you hide behind yours.

Fighting for a chance…
For nothing worthwhile
Comes easy.

My energy depleting,
As it is only me…
You are motionless,
Lacking the capacity to feel…

Emotionally unavailable.

And yet,
I fight…
With no certainty that
I will win,
Without knowing
If the reward
Will reap change,
Or if it will all
Stay the same.

Forever fighting…

And so,
I drop my gloves…
As this fight
Is a solo act,
When it ought to be
A duel.

I’ll let you
Remain the undefeated
For no battle is worth winning
When fought with alongside
A careless opponent… 

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