The Realm

The Realm

The yearning to stand apart,
Outside of the norm… 
The realm of acceptance…
Desiring to be accepted,
But only as you are…


Something which is of no desire…
So unappealing…
To be as everyone else,
To rely on consensus for validation…
To worry more about what others say,
What they think…
Rather than instilling confidence within…
Certainty within.

For many of us…
It is a consistent battle,
For some it’s a fight for validation,
Others it is a fight for reassurance,
And for a few,
It is a fight against misunderstanding.

An internal war brought on
Without intention,
For even if we don’t care,
Even if we accept our uniqueness
Apart of the rest,
The standards by which
To be is all too passively confronting.

So the question is,
Who decides?!
Who decides…
What is it norm?
What should or shouldn’t be the consensus?!
Validated or approved?!
And what makes them worthy
To pass judgment?
To set standards?

Most importantly,
What is this realm of acceptance?
Is it the standards
Which were
Passed down through generations
Or it is dependent on environment,
Is it constant,
Universal and ever changing
Or is it ever changing
And completely relative?!

The former necessitates its existence,
Which seems problematic,
As it leaves no room for evolution.
The latter negotiates it entirely,
Freeing us from the conception
That has us fighting a war,
We will never win.

In the end,
You would be a fool to follow the norm,
A foul to be guided by a misconception
That has one feeling superior,
When you aren’t even
Strong enough to stand alone.

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