It is all so foreign,
Being out of sorts
While so in tune.

Out of sync, 
Yet in harmony.
In a place,
Yet out of place.
Yet lost.

Never been so rattled…

Not knowing what to do,
Confused by it all…
In hopes for answers,
For guidance…

All of which
Points to the undesirable…
Abandonment of a heart’s wishes.
Clinging to false hope
And misguided love,
Which ought to be discarded.

For accommodation
Will never get us
What we want,
It will only
Lend to one
Disregarding their needs.

The cause of one’s
Own downfall…
The consideration of others
As we neglect ourselves,
Making it easier to be exploited.

Longing to fit
That which doesn’t fit.
While at the same time,
Denying to acknowledge
That which does…

The resistance of acceptance…

Unwillingness to note
The reality of
All its actuality…

An unfulfilled end,
Yearning for completion.
Causing nothing,
But chaos in unity…

It is all
So alien to me.

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