Our existence,
Interaction with the world,
With others,
With ourselves…  
Is all relative.

There are degrees
To everything in life.
In relation to perspective…
With reference to reflection.

Forever changing,
As nothing stays
With the exception
Of space and time.

A human configuration,
Invented solely for
The purpose of knowledge…
The ability to understand
By means of relation,
Conclude with reference to…

The degree to which
One thing stands
Apart from another
Is the vary thing
That defines it…

It’s core.

How it is,
It stands in relation to?!
Why it is?!
In what way does it?!

As a natural order…
As a means to understand…
A necessity for knowledge.

And yet,
Here we are
Refusing to note
The degrees within ourselves…
The vary thing
That will give us
The answers we seek.

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