Here I was suppressing
So much
For you…
Things you have no idea about.

But why?!
There wasn’t much to you…
Multi-dimensional my ass.

You are as basic as them come.
Feeling all cool
Like back in high school.

Quite sad actually,
When you think about it.
As you have yet to learn
From life’s events,
So much growing up
Still to do.

Maybe it was the cat and moose thing
That drew me in.
But then…
There was nothing more to it.

Always digging
To only be left empty handed.
And for what?!
There was nothing…

No twist.
No hidden gem.
Just fucking basic.

And here I was suppressing…
History really does repeat itself…

Silly child,
You should know by now.
Benefit of the doubt
Doesn’t work
On those
Committed to themselves.
It’s okay!

One day he will regret it…
As they all have in the past…
Remember history repeats itself.

So for now,
Leave them be in their ignorance…

Good luck!

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