We often act
As though,
It is all okay…

We’re okay.
As the fire burns behind us,
The flames soaring,
The heat blasting…

We’re okay.
Two masks one day.
Within seconds,
We become two different people
In one in the same body.

The faces we put,
The distinction in characters…
The roles we play…
All relative to our surroundings.

We lose ourselves
In the rationality of it all.
For the only thing genuine
Is that which is instinctive.

Driving on emotion,
For it has yet to be
Polluted by thought,
Strictly dictated by passion…
Animalistic in nature.

And yet knowing this,
We continue to allow space for two,
When there only room for one.

And so,
The fire burns
Until the heat comes unbearable.

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