I wouldn’t trade you for the world,
You are the world…
The world I choose to know,
The only one I want to know.

For I have experienced many things,
Unwarned and painful…
I’ve seen the other side,
Witnessed and partaken,
It isn’t one I want.

Yet it’s been my life…
My reality…
The only thing I’ve known.

Illuminating the fact
To never let a good thing go…
Never let it pass you by…
To hold on at all costs.
For they are all too rare,
And don’t come easy.

As for the chances of
Ever finding it…
Keeping it…
Sustaining it…
Are almost non existent.

And the likelihood of evil
Almost always readily available.
For wickedness is all too real,
Its presence everywhere.

Sometimes it being the only
Thing we know.
But without it,
We wouldn’t recognize the good,
Acknowledge and appreciate
The greatness…
The love without pain.

The two have been
So closely intertwined
For so long,
I almost accept suffering.
Questioning at thought
Of its absence.
Emotional at the reality
That it’s possible.

Scared at the idea
It might be an illusion…
One which could be
Stripped from me
In an instant.


And at that point,
No longer knowing
The world…

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