It all gets a littleĀ 
Too real at some points,
Things get a little too close.

Your core now on the surface…
Or rather,
On the verge of.

The vulnerability
Of having your soul touched
By another…
The very real possibility
That you are beginning to let
Someone in.

Handing over heart,
As though entrusting
That they keep it whole.

Serving it on a platter,
Wounds in all,
Parts of it snitched together,
While others bruised…
Healed but scarred.

Entrusting it be treated
With the outmost delicacy,
As you would theirs…
As do theirs.

All too close…

To then begin
Opening up your soul…
In ways you would have
Never thought.

To even,
Slightly expose
The pain that lays
Beneath it all,
Without wanting to do so.

All too real
How organically it flows,
With minimal disturbance…
Without thought
Or realization,
Until after the fact.

All too close.

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