There was hope… 
But maybe,
It wasn’t in us…
Maybe it was in you…
Hope that you could feel,
Rather than numb…

A part of me
Saw myself in you,
Wanting nothing more,
But to help…
Help you feel…
Rejoice in all the pain
And suffering,
In order
To welcome the love
And the warmth.

For I saw what
It did to me,
And I couldn’t bare
Allowing another to
Live in the shadow…

And so…
Maybe I really
Just wanted to fix you,
Rather than be with you.

Maybe I cared more
About satisfying my ego,
Than I did you…

You never gave what I needed,
Nor were anything close
To what I wanted.

The only thing intriguing
Was I would have you
In a way one else ever did…

So chances are…
I would left
The minute
You gave me

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