This is a note,
A love note,
A love note to you…

My one and only,
Now and forever.

The one I want
Until the end.
The one I want
To hold me,
To be there 
When it is all over.

This a note,
A note for you…

One for you
To know
Just how much
You mean to me…

For you have been
The only one
For a lot
Without even knowing…

The only one
I’ve been scared to lose.
The one
I’ve held onto
So tight…
The only one
I’m scared to share.

The one that has
Understood me,
When I’ve finally
Understood myself.

The only one
That has given me hope…
When all hope was gone.

You warmed my heart,
When all it was,
Was cold…

You relived my soul,
And restored my faith…
You showed me,
It’s okay love again…
How to love again…
That I could love again.

You have been
The only one
I’ve loved…
When I’ve loved myself.

Your my forever…
My always
And my here and now…

Your my love…
Now and forever.

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