It all started with the Corona Virus, Covid-19, infiltrating and taking over. To the point that the fear of infection ran so deep, filling our very core, so much so that it put the world on pause… on hold.

It created time… time for us to rest, for us to reflect… to re-analyze and re-structure… a time for us to pause. It stripped us away from our distractions leaving us only with ourselves. Alone in solitude without a way to escape. No choice but to deal with the matters at hand.

It gave us a time to pay attention and most importantly, learn how to pay attention. It gave us the opportunity to pay attention, to listen, witness and understand… not only our pain but the pain of others.

2020 has been incredibly eye opening, the fact that a black man was murdered in mist of an global shut down… for all to see and bare witness, just as the world was coming to a start after an international pandemic… the universe said “FUCK NO!! This shit ain’t starting up until shit gets right…”… as though, it intentionally sacrificed the life of a man in the almost ideal of moments… the only moment… a moment where no one could deny… a moment where no one could look away… a moment where no excuses could be made. It is time to fight! Fight for that should have been won long ago…

It is time to reform… restructure and rebuild, because guess what?! Shit ain’t working and hasn’t been for a while…

And it was almost as though, the universe knew… knew it was the only the chance.

The murder of a black male. Police brutality. Supremacy at its finest.

The world in disorder. On pause. Just about to get the wheels moving…

And NOPE!!!!

Because shit needed to be addressed… shit needs to be cleaned out. Because it’s time…

It is time to cleanse…

Rid not only ourselves of our demons but the world of its demons…
Why do you think it started with Covid?! Because it starts with us, inner cleansing. Reconnecting. Understanding and reprioritizing life and what matters.

To then now, hit us with reconnecting with others… the importance of them and who it is they are and we are.

It was like the universe gave us three months to sit with ourselves and figure shit out, building ourselves so that we could now come to fight a bigger war, rather than the one we face inside us. Because we petty as shit… selfish and rarely care if doesn’t impact us.

But yet, we should care, we should always care. But we rather find justifications, excuses and throw pity parties as reason to why it is what it is. Fuck our excuses! We are in this because we tolerate it… we have been tolerating it and most of us without even knowing. We are too busy… busy living, working and trying to make the best of life. Ignorant to it all to now be shown truth…


BOOM! Smack in the face…

Because we aren’t living in the world we thought we were…

And before we can began anything, get to a place where there is an equilibrium agmost all… nothing all… nothing will ever work.

And so the riots continue until the day that there is change, and not change solely within organizations, but change on global scale… REFORM!

What a time to be alive… I must say.

We are a part of history… This is history. And here I thought it was the end of history books… the end of historical moments that required documentation. The end of history having to be written down, in order to the future generations to know what happened and what didn’t…

This is a pivotal moment that will change what is to come… it’s scary but it’s real and I can’t wait…

Because we making history!!!!

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