My worry
Isn’t straying,
My worry
Is worth…
My worry
Is value…
And love.

For will you
Love me as
You loved the last?!

Will you care
For me as you
Did the others?!

Will you value
Me as less,
Just the same
Or as more?!

It isn’t 
A question
Of loyalty
And neither of
Or assurance,
But rather one
Of concern…
One of inquiry.

Will my worth
Be acknowledged?
My value recognized?
Or will it be dimmed
By the past heart aches
You have endured?
Outshined by the pain,
Rather than amplified
In its happiness…
The harmony
It brings?

For I know
I’m better,
I know I love more,
Care more…
I know I do more,
Am more…
The question is
Do you?!

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