We all come to point,
One which we know nothing of,
Yet want everything from…

Something so beautiful
That you couldn’t imagine
Within your reach.

And so,
You crave. 
You adjust
According to the circumstances,
Because the result
Is so rewarding,
Especially when in the right context,
With the right souls…

How could you not
Make adjustments?!
Tailoring yourself accordingly,
As you would a suit
To a special occasion.

After all,
Isn’t life just that?!
Tailoring ourselves to
The appropriate occasion?!

To either fit in,
Or pretend…
As though you,
While knowing that you don’t.

Adjustments are made…
Tailoring the misfortunes
As though they never existed.

But then,
There you are
In a moment
Where all is clear,
And it hits…

Life is upon us.

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