Sometimes I look at my life…
At my love…
The one I finally yes to…
The one I kind of always…  
Wanted to say too…
And I want to pinch myself…

Because you’re everything…
For now and for always.

You make my heart smile
And my soul warm…

You are what I’ve been waiting for…
The one I always knew
Was out there…
My equal.

I love you
To the moon and back
Times ten.

I wouldn’t trade you for the world,
Because a woman
Would be stupid to let a man
Like you go..
And let’s be honest,
A man would be stupid
To not keep me…
But of course,
That would require me to
Give them chance…

So this is a tribute…
To the man
That stole my heart
Without even knowing,
The man I waited for…
The one who stood out
And will forever and always
Be mine,
And I,

I love you,
Because of you…
You made me believe aga

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