It’s those things
That wake you up
At 3am…
Having your mind wonder.

Those things
That hurt you…
The things that
You guard your heart from…

The things that you
Never want
Your soul to feel…

The disappointment…
The hurt…
That disrespect.

The one
You saw
One too many times…

And now be brought
To your door step.

Smach in the face…

The lost off purity…

As what is done
Is done…

Acceptance is now key…
But how?!

If all you see is
The glittering faces of
Those who yearned
For your demise…
Along with disappointment
Toward the one
Who stripped away
The innocence of their love…

And so,
The light diminishes…
And what you once felt
You could trust
You no longer feel you can.
What you once thought
Was all loving,
Now has holes…

So much so,
You question
More than you believe…

For what you once
Thought was your knight
In shining armour,
The one that was
Suppose to protect your heart,
Might just be the one
Your heart needs protection from…

Because you love blindly
In a picture perfect world,
Ignorant to imperfections…

Never daring to consider
Where spectrum lays. 

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