There is so much I want to say…
So much I wish I could say…
I’ve been missing you 
And part of me wishes
We could trade spots.

Feeling as though
I could do more up there,
Then down here.

Or rather,
You have appreciated
More than I did…

For I’ve taken advantage of life
As though it was nothing,
And yet you lost it…
And it was something.

You were given one chance,
And I was given three…

For you would have
Been better than me,
Stronger than me…
You wouldn’t haven’t fallen.

You would have been on it.
You would have caught it…
Stopped it.

But no,
I was here to believe it,
Feed into it.
And that’s on me.

For I shouldn’t have
Been so oblivious,
So caught up
Not to catch it…
Catch it,
Before it all faded away..

Question is,
Would it have
Made a difference?!

For it was all destined
For failure…
And you scarified
Yourself for us…

Without you,
We would be lost…
I would be lost.

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