The other day a friend of mine asked ‘Do you believe in real love? Do we just get to a point a settle… settle for what’s good for us…’

Honestly, it’s a question that is filled with such rational yet so much emotion. For yes, real love exists. It question is whether we find it and keep it… or we toss it aside or worst, is it never found. I’m not a romantic, but I do love, and I love, love. And with that I would like to think that there is such a thing as love. Yet the question posed couldn’t help me wonder…

Do we get to a point on our lives where we ought to go with what’s good for us?! Does age offer a more rational perspective on love?! One that values logic over passion… And not so much as in settling, more upgrading to our worth… no longer following emotions, but rather guided by logic… to what makes sense… makes sense to what you want, deserve and need…

In either circumstance, both lack… in passion lacks logic and in logic lacks passion… so question really is, which is strongest?! Passion or logic… Because in the end of it all love really is, is sticking it through the end, so whichever ever route taken it always leads to love…

And maybe not real love, but love nevertheless… as what is love if not loyalty, commitment and faith.

It really comes down to which you settle on… passion or logic?!

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