When do you take it?! When do you not?! That really is the question! Think about it… that’s what our world is… that what it has come to, by our own hand. Humanity both negatively and positively impacting each other, mostly for their own sake… good or bad. And with that comes walls, barriers… boundaries we set and put them in place to prevent, protect us from it all happening again. So when do we take the risk… the risk of perseverance, that is, the never taking ‘no’ for an answer?!

When do we risk sacrificing ourselves?! Because, let’s face it, everything is a risk. Love. Wealth. Success. Career. Education… it’s a chance… blind faith in that it will be whatever it is you want it to be… expect it to be. And that is where perseverance comes to play… because nothing really ever turns out how you want it to be, and rarely turns out how you expect it to be, and if you don’t actually do anything… less of a chance it will. So determination… perseverance is necessary regardless of the road taken. So it comes down to taking the risk…

Do you play it safe?! Or do you take the road less travelled?! For both determination and perseverance will play in role in both, but no doubt will demand more from the latter than the former. Willingness most definitely plays a role as well but for now, the question is… When do we risk ourselves so much so that we believe in ourselves?! That ‘can’t stop, won’t stop’ mentality…

Is it a personality thing… a character trait… or can anyone just switch it up and go for it?! And if so, does it take a ‘smack in the face’ to cause that switch up?! And does it even happen to everyone that gets that ‘smack in the face’ realization?! I guess that is where lessons play a role.

In the end, it’s a coin toss. A chance. A chance that is dependent on all or nothing… because let’s face, you can’t grow that which you don’t water…

And who is to say what road will lead to your destination… if not you! It’s more of what you are willing to do to get there?! Are you willing to tread the trenches… fight the battle… for what it means to believe in yourself?! Or better yet… how willing are you to bet on yourself?! Bet in the fact that you can trust yourself enough, that regardless of the road taken, you will be at your destination?!

Because after all, that’s the real risk… Believing in yourself enough to make it happen regardless of path chosen.

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