There are always lessons…
Moments of growth,
And moments of stillness,
But there are also moments,
Where we fall back…
Or I should say forward…
Or better yet…
Unknown until known.

Moments in which
You aren’t relearning old lessons,
But rather new lessons…

New lessons
In reference to past habits…
Past ways of being…
Taking the old
Applying it to the new,
As though,
They are one and the same.

Questioning whether it is
Just who you are…
For maybe this was always who you were,
And it’s comes down to the of acceptance of it all.

Or maybe it is,
A call for new growth
Just rooted in the past…

A lesson unseen?!
Or is it one,
Which wasn’t available at the time…
One that required you to be
As you are,
Where you are,
To learn it…
To see it.

One that was contingent,
That is…
On you learning the first,
To then come to see the second?!

One that you will only know…
Once you know.
For the present
Ought to never be treated as the past.

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