So as if it wasn’t bad enough that we doubt ourselves, but to have those closest to us doubt us?! I mean that is something entirety different. It takes so much to believe in ourselves to then be faced with doubt… questions from those closest to us, nevermind those doing less than most. Less than you.

Being underestimated sucks! Especially when you have overcome and been though what it is you have…

And yet people still question.. and that’s cool. I get it. I understand it. But when pessimism come from one who does as needed -not as wanted, doubt and fear instilled by one who has yet to conquer … one whose actions have yet to meet their word… you reach a point of ultimate frustration. For you have worked so hard to position yourself accordingly, and yet there they are… clueless and judgmental. Putting all efforts down… years of work.

It’s almost as though you want to scream ‘ but… who the f*ck are you?! what have you done?! Most importantly… what do you know?!’ Let’s be frank, when someone commits and dedicated themselves entirely, they already fear more than most, because if failure occurs… the only one to blame is themselves. And that, that’s a very real thing! Because no one wants to fail, yet if you don’t try you won’t succeed either. It’s a toss up, one that requires you to be head-strong, fearless and committed. As perseverance is the road to success.

And not everyone will get there. Some will have grit, some won’t, some will fail to accept and others will never realize. It’s the game and it all comes down to character and to what extend they are willing to go, push and make happen what it is they are fighting for… actions are everything.

So to be constantly acting and pushing, moving and shuffling, there is just something about being shot down… shot down by some who has yet to try… I don’t know, it’s just hard to have someone shit on your dreams when all you do is work for them… but that’s the thing, is it hard?! Because remember it’s all about mindset, so you can take it as ‘hard’ or you can turn into motivating…

The question is what happens when you succeed?! What happens when you are right, and the dream fought for was worth the fight… what happens then?! Will there not be resentment… resentment for the struggle of having to prove, rather than appreciation for the support?!

Will it not change the dynamic?! Because let’s be honest why share your success with someone who wasn’t supportive through the struggle… but rather there to doubt, question and instill fear.

I mean would you want too?!

As it is one thing to be part of the struggle, but it’s another thing to be the struggle…

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